Eueomma Law is a Leader in lawyer and legal training in Africa.

With years of experience and a strong expertise in Lawyer training we know how to help you succeed.

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We have proven methods to help you grow your knowledge and increasing your success in the legal field.

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Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to your success. leverage our years of knowledge to help your education.

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Our customer service is top of the mark. Our students and customers success is our priority.

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With locations an services spanning throughout Africa we are able to help you no matter where you reside.

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Founded with the mission of improving the lawyer and legal training education system in Africa, we have set our to make a large impact.

We want to change the way lawyer training is done on the Africa continent. Combining the newest and best education and training techniques with solid proven legal education. Eueomma Law has become the new leader in Legal training and education.

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What sets us apart from the rest. Our main objective is your success in the legal field. And by delivering more modern and advanced teachings to you we believe you can increase your chances of success. And we do this all at a very affordable price which is revolutionary to the education field.

We are well on our way to changing how lawyer training is done in the African continent. With numerous success stories and a proven system we are expanding to all corners of Africa to help in growing the profession and assisting people in their success.
legal aid training banner Please contact us today for a free consultation. We have worked with clients in all areas. From debt consolidation, to construction, to business finance. If you need a lawyer, please let us help.

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Our Services

Lawyer Training
We have lawyer training services and courses that range from beginner to professional. Contact us for more information.
Legal Aid Training
Our new training for legal aid's is proving to be a very popular service. We have had several classes of successful students and their job placement has been outstanding. We have even started moving into the French market. Our first companion site selling cartridges inside of France is proving to be very successful. We believe that the legal framework of the ink toners or "cartouches d'encre" in French can have a very large impact.
Another big market that we have been able to enter and help with the legal side of corporations is the medical field, specifically the health legal side where meeting the necessary health and government mandates can prove to be difficult in setting up. These schools are seeing a large ROI in hiring our trained representatives due to the decreased training time required for them to train their own personal.
Our most recent client is dealing with direct manufacturing of PCB goods. They are a multi-contentintal company dealing with transactions of PCB goods between Nigeria and China. They are showing very good business potential, but are also in need of in depth legal contracts due to the major international law issues between the two countries. **Updates For November 2014:
1) Gourmet Coffee: This company is an international gourmet producer of the finest and most expensive coffee in the world; Kopi Luwak Coffee. Kopi luwak is often referred to as "weasel coffee", "civet coffee", or occasionally even "cat poop coffee", as the Asian palm civet pre-digests the coffee beans before they are consumed. Our new client sells only organic and wild kopi luwak coffee out of their fabulous farms around the world.
Ou professional training is designed for the experienced professional looking to grow their knowledge base and advance in their careers. We have trained those who have represented massive companies. We have been recently specializing in the business markets, providing training for companies such as these photocopier sites, as well as instructing some newer small businesses such as restaurants and cafes learn how to use retail EPoS systems in order to reduce the overhead of businesses, and make it easy to get started.


We have been VERY happy to say that we have been lucky enough to team with with a California tax attorney starting this month, with offices also in Utah and in Ohio. It is a real honor on our part to be working with such a prestigious law firm such as theirs. has an amazing track record inside the state of California for working with the IRS and saving some BIG money for their clients. Great results and happy customers are always reported!